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Company registration in Switzerland

Name of service Company GMBH Company AG  
Company registration, including the payment of state fees + +
Apostilled package + +
Legal address for 1 year + +
Company director services (resident of Switzerland) + +
Certificate of residence of the company + +
Account in Switzerland + +
VAT number on request on request
Total cost 9850 EUR 12850 EUR
Annual service fee 8850 EUR 8850 EUR
Audit of the company 1950 EUR 1950 EUR


General information


Swiss history as national associations began in 1291 when 3 urban settlements joined together to fight the Roman Empire. Later number of cantons joined them and in 1499 they formed the Swiss Confederation (which is the official name of Switzerland), which assured safety and independence from the Empire. In the middle of 19th century the country's constitution was adopted, providing a federal state structure.

Switzerland remained neutral in all military conflicts, and has not participated in any of the world wars. Until 2002 Switzerland was not even a member of the UN. At present, the country is member of number of international groups and associations. The country's economy is highly developed and the country is a leader in terms of GDP per capita. Economy is based on the manufacturing of chemical and medical products, precise instruments and electronics. Another important pillar of economic stability is banking sector, insurance and tourism development.



Key specials


Switzerland has agreements for the prevention of double taxation with following countries:
Australia, austria, belgium, brazil, great britain, hungary, germany, greece, denmark, egypt, indonesia, ireland,
Iceland, ireland, italy, malaysia, netherlands, new zealand, norway, pakistan, portugal, singapore, united states,
Trinidad and tobago, finland, france, sweden, sri lanka, south africa, south korea and japan.



Corporate legislation


Federal tax law
Federal law on investment companies.



Share capital


Open joint stock company (Ag)   -   100 000 CHF                                                                                       
Private company with limited liability  (Gmbh)   - 20 000 CHF         



Bank account opening


For switzerland companies we offer bank accounts in following countries:
St. Vincent and the grenadines   
Hong kong   
Full list of bank accounts with tariffs you can find here



The main requirements for the directors of the company (Ag)


The legal status  -    a legal entity
Founders, shareholders   -   minimum one
Status of  -   private or corporate
Residence   -  must be resident of any  country
The government   -  founders meeting
Directors   -  minimum one
Status of   -  private persone
Residence   -  can be resident of switzerland
Secretary   - one (private)



The main requirements for the directors of the company (Gmbh)  


The legal status  -    a legal entity
Founders, shareholders  -    minimum one
Status of  -   private or corporate
Residence  -   must be resident of any  country
The government  -   meeting of directors
Directors  -   minimum one
Status of   -  private persone
Residence  -   can be resident of switzerland
Secretary  -   one (private)





Value added tax    -   7,6%
Income tax   -   25%.





Annual report;
Annual audit ; 
Tariffs for accounting services you can check here



Disclosure of beneficial ownership to government authorities







New company registration takes from 1 day.
Shelf companies are available.
For more information, please contact us.