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Trade marks and Licenses

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It is known, that in conditions of free competition in the modern world, marketing serves a successful case of management.

Advertising has particular importance as integral part of marketing.

The brand name of your company  is the beginning of every advertisement.

The concepts “brand” or “trademark” are the variants of the English language translation of the word “trademark”.


Trademark (trademark, mark of the trade) - means a designation, which distinguish the one’s legal  person’s  or individual entrepreneur’s goods  from other’s legal  person’s  or individual entrepreneur’s the same goods.

There are several basic tasks for which the trademark is intended:

 - Is one of the main elements of the image of the company;

 - Individualization of the enterprise, as well as manufactured goods and services individualization;

 - Well-recognized brand without a detailed examination of the goods allows to determine its origin and to judge the quality. The buyer is willing to pay a higher price for goods produced under the famous and legendary trademark, than to buy relatively cheap and low-quality goods of unknown brand. Thus, a trademark keeps the first place as quality assurance for consumer;

 - Trademark is the property of the company, as it has its cost in money terms (sometimes very high), so it can be included in the company's intangible assets, may be sold or provided to any third party.


As trademarks can be registered:

 - verbal designations

 - graphic symbol

 - volume and other designations or combinations of designations.

A trademark can be registered in any color or color combination.

VERBAL DESIGNATIONS (Word, combination of letters with some meaning, phrases and sentences)The verbal trademark can be an existing or newly formed word or phrase.

GRAPHIC SYMBOLS (images of living creatures, objects, and other objects, as well as the variations ofshapes, lines and stains on the plane)

COMBINED symbols (is the combination of different nature elements, Visual, verbal, 3D, etc.)

DIMENSIONAL symbol (3D objects, figures, lines, shapes and it’s combinations)

OTHER DESIGNATIONS (sound, light, etc.) As sound trademarks are registered usually call the various radio stations, radioprogramms, ringtones and screensavers of popular TV shows.


As a certificate that the trademark is registered, is a warning label, which has special designation, which indicates that trademark is registered.

As warning label marks in the world was spread «®» icon and alphabetic combination «™» (abbreviation of trademark). Mark «®» (Registered) according to international practice may be used only by the owners of registered trademark. Symbol is placed directly to the right at the top of the brand image.

Brand - is the beginning of your success.


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The basic concepts.

License (from LAT. litentia-permission) is an official document which entitles you to a particular kind of business.

Licensed kind of activity is the activity for which there is a necessity of license.

Licensing requirements and conditions-a set of provisions, which are required in the terms of licensing of certain kinds of enterprises, conditions and actions, implementation of which is compulsory.

The licensee is a legal person or an individual entrepreneur, licensed to engage in a particular activity.

License applicant is a legal person or an individual entrepreneur, who submitted in the licensing authority a statement of the granting of a license for carrying out a particular activity of enterprise.

Register of licenses is a collection of data of the granted licenses, the issue of documents certifying the availability of licenses, suspending and renewal of licenses, as well as the cancellation of licenses.

License gives the right to a legal person or an individual entrepreneur to his activity. There are about 300 items of several kind of enterprise, which has a necessity of the licensing. The license is issued by a licensing body and acts within the prescribed period provided in compliance with licensing requirements. License validity period is not less than 5 years. On certain types of activity is given a perpetual license. The license may be suspended, in case of violation of the licensing requirements.

Today, the range of goods and services that can be used as the basis of your business is quite large, and which production to produce -you decide! However, for certain activities, such as: financial management, health care, educational services, and other services, the lack of documents received by you during the registration is not enough. These services should be provided according to established standards and norms, so for them need to obtain a license, which ensures that you are able to perform these activities.

For every kind of activity shall be issued a license, that is, if you are providing multiple services, which has to be licensed, for each of kind you must obtain a separate license.

Licensing is a form of government regulation of business.

To get the license you need to prepare a list of documents and submit them to the licensing authority.

Required documents:

 - The application signed by the head of the permanent executive body;

 - Application for a license with the name and organizational-legal form of legal entity, its location, the bank's name and account number in the bank for a legal entity; surname, first name, middle name, identification documents citizen - for an individual entrepreneur; licensed type activities that legal entity or individual entrepreneur intends to implement, and the period within to perform the specified activity;

 - Copies of constituent documents and a copy of the certificate of state registration of the licensee as a legal entity (with presentation of the originals if the copies are not notarized) - for legal entities;

 - A copy of state registration of the citizen as an individual entrepreneur (presenting the original, if the copy is not notarized) - for individual entrepreneurs;

 - The certificate of the licensee for tax registration;

 - A document confirming that the license applicant fee for reviewing the application by the licensing authority of the license applicant.

 - Details of the qualifications of employees of the license applicant.

 - A cover letter indicating the name of the firm, its address, and list all of the documents prepared for obtaining a license.


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