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Company registration in Germany

Name of service



Preparation of constituent documents +
Company registration, including the payment of state fees +
Accompaniment to the notary +
Mutual translation of notarization of registration +
Notary Services +
Contact person of the company +
Legal address for 1 year +
Bank account +
VAT number on request
Total cost 3450 EUR
Monthly service fee 300 EUR
Annual service fee 2450 EUR
Annual filing of the required financial statements 1450 EUR


Germany is a country in Central Europe, east of France, north of Italy

General information

Area   -  357 021 sq.km
Population   -  80 200 000 Inhabitants
Capital  -   Berlin
Official language  -   German
Official currency   -   Euro (EUR)
Legal system    -   parliamentary republic


Legal form of company

- Public corporation
- Private company with limited liability
- General partnership with unlimited liability
- Limited Partnership
- Branch of a foreign company



Key special


Germany has agreements for the prevention of double taxation with following countries:
Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Vietnam, Poland, Greece, Denmark,
Zimbabwe, Israel, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Cyprus,
Qatar, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands,
Norway, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan,  Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, USA, Thailand,
Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland,
Sweden, Sri Lanka and Montenegro, South Africa, South Korea, Estonia, Japan.



Corporate legistation


- Federal tax law ( Bundesgesetz über die direkte Bundessteuer).
- Federal Acton Investment Funds (Bundesgesetz über die Anlagefonds);
- Federal Law About the International Private Law (Bundesgesetzüber die Internationale Privatrecht).



Share capital


Open joint stock company (Ag)  -  50 000 eur;
Private company with limited liability (Gmbh)  -  25 000 eur;



Bank account opening


For companies registered in Germany, we offer a bank account opening in the following countries:
St. Vincent and the Grenadines   
Hong kong   
Full list of bank accounts with tariffs you can find here



The main requirements for the directors and shareholders of the company (LLC)


Legal status - legal entity;
Founders, shareholders - minimum three
Status of  - private or corporate person
Residence   -  can be of any country.
Government management - Shareholders meeting
Director   -  one
Statuss of  -   private or corporate persons
Residence   - can be of any country
Secretary   - one (private person).
* The registered office and address must be in Germany
** Possible to provide the service of nominee directors and shareholders



The main requirements for the directors and shareholders of the company (Gmbh)


The legal status   -  a legal entity
Founders, shareholders   -   minimum one
Status of   -   private or corporate person
Residence -   can be resident of any EU country.
Government management  - The Board of Directors
Executive director  - minimum one
Status of - private or corporate person
Residence  - can be resident of any EU country.
* The registered office and address must be in Germany
** Possible to provide the service of nominee directors and shareholders





Trade tax from legal entities   - 14% to 17.15%                                                                            
The corporate tax from legal entities:
Income tax   -   15%
The solidarity surcharge  - 1% of profit
The industrial and commercial  -  13-16% of profits
Value added tax  -  19%





A company must give an annual report during 12 months after registration data
- Annual report;
- Annual audit;
- Added tax declaration;
Tariffs for accounting services you can find here



Opening information on beneficiaries of pablic authorities


Not disclosed





New company registration takes from 1 day.
Shelf companies are available.
For more information, please contact us.